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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I've found that we all say, "Hey!" A LOT in this family!  We say it when we're happy, sad, mad, frustrated, and when we want someone's attention.  It's no wonder that "Hey!" is one of Eóghan's first words!

Jayden was sick a few days last week, and while home from school he was watching a lot of TV.  So on one of those afternoons while Eóghan was napping in his playpen I told Jayden to turn off the TV so we could read (we will be visiting Gettysburg this Summer so I had gotten him some books on the Civil War and I thought it was a perfect time to get started), so we sat together on the sofa and we read for awhile. 
While reading I could hear that Eóghan had woken from his nap, but he was just babbling and playing with the toys that were in the pen with him.
After a little while Jayden and I heard, "Hey!", and we look over and see this:

Eóghan had pulled himself up to a standing position, and got our attention by shouting, "Hey!", and Jayden just found it to be the funniest thing!  He ran and got me the camera so I could take a picture, and then he said, "Wait!  Let me pull the pillow away so you can really see him better!"

Now that this little 'rug rat' is crawling about, and now that he's not all that happy to stay in the pen anymore he hears, "Hey!" A LOT.

I find him getting into all sorts of things, and my response is usually, "Hey! What are you doing there?"
This day he was getting into the basket of bibs and washcloths that I keep in the kitchen:

And when I yelled, "Hey!", he just laughed and laughed.

And one evening recently Jayden came running into the house shouting excitedly, "Hey!  Hey! Everybody come look at something so beautiful!"
We went out and saw this:

It really was a beautiful sight!  I'm not sure if you can see it very well in these photos but it was a 'double rainbow'!

My pictures don't do it justice, it was amazing! 

Hey!  Come to think of it, I get to see a lot of amazing sights everyday! 

Thank You, God!


  1. Eileen! I found you again! Oh, how I have missed you, dear friend! I can't get over all the cuteness that is surrounding you. So many sweet little faces and tiny toes.:) You have been busy! Big hugs! Lori

  2. Hey Eileen, We say hey a lot too! I love this post. I'm so glad you have Jayden there with you to discover these exciting new things for you to Photograph. Eoghan's first "Hey" and that look on his face was just precious. I'm glad we we able to see it too. Also the one in the basket, oh that brings back memories!!

    If Jayden finds the pot of gold at the end of that pretty rainbow, be sure to let me know o,k,?!
    Love Di ♥

  3. All this time I thought "Hey" was a California thing because we say it all the time. I even say it in place of HI. But I guess it's an American way. :) That cute little Eoghan is pulling himself up?? His babyhood if flying by. Such a happy cute little guy. You have such creative fun posts. I love reading them. It feels more like a visit at your house.

  4. Hey! You sure have a lot going on! And how the children are growing....I can hardly believe it!?!

    I wonder if that wasn't the same rainbow I tried to take pictures of a week or so ago?? Your pictures turned out really well.

    Hope Jayden is feeling better and that his reading is good background for him to appreciate your trip to Gettysburg. What a great idea to find some age-appropriate reading for him.

    Loved the pictures, Eileen. The smiles are priceless. Thank God, indeed.

  5. Hey! :)))
    I've missed you and your sweet sweet family! It's so good to be back here reading about your lovelies.
    I love the bottom teeth shining in Eóghan's photo. How precious he is!
    I hope that Jayden is feeling better. Give him kisses from me.
    It's always wonderful to see your sweet babies' photos. ...Sigh. It's like coming home, to me.
    You are the best Umma in the world. I love it here.
    Hugs to you, my friend.