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Saturday, July 14, 2012

More Old Photos

Here are some more photos my sister Diane posted:

(This is our oldest son Brian and our nephew Thomas (my brother Tom's oldest son), the boys were just four months apart.)

(Here is Grandma [my Dad's mother ~ after my grandfather passed away my grandmother moved from Minnesota to New York] and our oldest daughter Katie.  I think this was Easter Sunday, Katie must have been about fifteen or sixteen months old.  I don't remember her being so chubby!  She looks like a little butterball!)

(The same day, taken in front of my parents house ~ myself & Ray with Erik, Katie, and Brian.)

(This is my nephew Edward ~ my sister Marybeth's youngest ~ I remember that he had blond curls but I don't remember his hair being that long.   I'm guessing that this was a Christmas gathering because I see that our daughter Katie in the background is wearing red tights!)

(I'm holding my niece Erin here [I've posted about my niece Erin a lot].  I don't know what the occasion was, but this picture was taken at my parents house [the house that we live in now], I'm guessing it was Easter or Mother's Day.)

(This was our daughter Katie's First Birthday party, my brother Tom is in the background wearing Katie's Birthday crown!  With Katie are my nephew Thomas and my sons Brian and Erik.  We lived in a two-family house at that time, we were in the apartment upstairs, and my brother Tom and his wife Ann were in the apartment downstairs.)

(I'm not sure what this party was, I'm thinking it was either a big family reunion party, or maybe it was an Anniversary party for my Aunt Florence & Uncle Tom.  Anyway, that's me with my older brothers Tom and John.  I don't remember my brother Tommy having a moustache ever, but I guess he did.  John and I do not look very good at all in this picture!)

I look at these old pictures and I just can not believe how fast life is flying by!


  1. These pictures took ME down a Memory Lane all my own. (By the way, if/when I am able to upload a picture of MY grandmother Birkey, you've got to see it. YOUR grandmother looks a lot like MINE - at least in the picture!)

  2. Look at that long hair! Mine was always long too Eileen. Now, I have it shaved! Really. I love the freedom. It's so fun too see the old family photos. I've been working on rearranging the whole upstairs and would like to get all of the photos in one space!
    It was fun seeing your children so young. Little Butterball Katie, so cute! After reading Rebecca's comment, I thought we should all post photos of our grandparents on Grandparent's Day. There still is one isn't there? I love this post. I don't remember you posting pictures of yourself when your children were still little. But then again, I don't remember a lot anymore!
    Love Ya!! Di ♥

  3. Eileen, it was so fun last night when I got to look through these pictures and see you as a young Mama. What long thick hair! It's also fun noticing the very common thread of your family...you look so much like your daughter, and your kids look like your grandkids.