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Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Eóghan Harry ~ And Welcome To The World Harry Rudolfo!

We had a nice celebration for Eóghan's First Birthday with extended family this past Saturday, and today we will have a much smaller celebration.
AND today we welcomed another new member to the family!  Jill and Rudy's baby boy was born just a few hours ago:
Harry Rudolfo
8 lbs. 14 ozs.

So the cousins get to share a Birthday!
(Can't wait to see him in person!)

Here are a few scenes from Eóghan's big celebration:

(A little shy at everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him!)

('Enjoyed the cake!)

(And he enjoyed opening his gifts too!)

(And he had lots of help from big brother Jayden and cousin Mia.)
(Eóghan loves books and he got lots of them!  So he was very happy!)

(He really was a very good boy, very carefully opening each gift and patiently waiting for the next to come his way.)

(He didn't get too many toys [by request!] as he already has so many, but he did get a few.)

 (Miss Zoe wants to get in on the action!)

(Some coloring fun with Aunt Lori, cousin Sophie, and Godmother Erin)

It was a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday, Beautiful Boy!

And a BIG WELCOME to another Beautiful Boy!

(And Jayden insisted that we add Baby Harry's name to Eóghan's Birthday cake today!)


  1. What a very exciting day in the history of your family! Little Eoghan is such a cute cute baby boy and now he has entered the toddler world! And he gets to share the day with cousin Harry!

    Are those little curls on top of Eoghan's head?? He looks like his Umma.

  2. To know that another sweet and precious child is joining your family makes my day, Eileen. Your family exemplifies exactly what this world needs more of: love.
    Congratulations on the birth of Harry. He was a big boy at 8 lb. 14 oz.!! :))
    And, it's hard to believe that Eóghan is a year old, Eileen. Where does the time go?
    Happy birthday Eóghan!!
    May I say that Jayden has the most beautiful eyes. He's growing by leaps and bounds.
    Mia is growing too! I love seeing recent photos of both of them.
    Zoe is sooo cute! (I love the little white sweater she is wearing.)
    Great photos, Eileen. (Your smile is radiant. I see why. Surrounded by all this love...it's simply hard not to smile! You look wonderful!)
    I love being here at your blog and sharing in your joy.
    Hugs and love to you,

  3. What a great day Eileen! It reminded me of Sarahs first birthday(seemed like only yesterday, not ten years ago!) she cried through the whole birthday song!! Baby Harry is adorable and is certainly blessed to have all of those wonderful cousins. Before you know it he will be old enough to join in all the family fun and I can see Jayden leading him through it all!
    Congratulations to all!! Love Di ♥

  4. Beautiful pictures, beautiful children and what wonderful blessings! Congrats Gramdma! Are you still thinking of moving away? LOL it will never happen lol! hugs...

  5. It's December 15, 2012, and I'm thinking of my friend...wondering how you are.
    I miss you and send you a hug, Eileen.
    I hope that all is well with you and your sweet family.
    Love you and am thinking of you and wanted you to know.