Just a simple journal about my life with husband, kids, grandkids, and extended family. Probably nothing special to the rest of the world, but very special to me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Busy Summer

Ray and I have been busy with kids, grandkids, and extended family and friends:

(I don't know what I did wrong with these mosaics, but I somehow 'double-pictured'.  Oh well.)

(I am really not very photography or computer savvy at all!  Below are two pictures that should have been included in the mosaics instead of the doubles.  And these were meant to be the large middle pictures.  So I guess it's good they get 'showcased' on their own!)

Here is Miss Zoe ~ The Black Swan:

And here is Helena with her great-grands:

We have family over almost every weekend, and we get visits during the week sometimes too.  And we've been out on Long Island to visit friends, and we had a visit from my youngest brother Joey and his youngest son Jake (from Florida), and Ray & I took an overnight trip to Delaware to meet my best friend Barbara and her husband Dave there and see the new house they are having built in a new community near Bethany Beach (oh, my, am I going to miss Barbara!).  
And Ray and I are busy purging, with the hope of moving ourselves further south sometime next year if all works out (Millville, DE was very nice, but Myrtle Beach, SC is still calling out to Ray!).
The Summer is flying by!

'Hope all is well with everyone, and 'hope you are all enjoying your Summer!
Love and Prayers,


  1. Oooh..beautiful photos of your family, Eileen.
    I vote for Myrtle Beach, SC. (Selfish vote for me, of course. You'd be closer!!)

  2. Eileen I was to happy when I read your blog today. It looks like you have had such a busy summer with family. What a true blessing. What in the world will you do when you move to Myrtle Beach area? Do you have family close by that will pop in during the week and on the weekend? It was so wonderful to see all the pictures!

  3. I enjoy pictures of you and your grandchildren so much. The little cousins all look enough alike to be siblings. What gorgeous hair runs in your family! I know your house is busy busy. So when does school start back up again? We started here last Monday. I think it was the fastest summer ever.