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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Cookie Thief

Yesterday, after feeding these two, I asked Ray to watch them while I stepped out of the room (never leave a man to do a woman's job!):

He was feeding Baby Ray and Eóghan their 'puffs' and he was feeding himself some animal crackers, he left one of the cookies on the kitchen counter and walked down the hall to take off his shoes, when he walked back into the kitchen the cookie was gone, Eóghan's high chair was moved closer to the counter, and the whole cookie was in Eóghan's mouth!  Ray called to me and asked if I gave Eóghan the cookie to eat.  I did not.

So Ray set out to re-enact the scene and this is what he got:
(You can see Eóghan get distracted the first time by Baby Ray, he looks to me as if he's saying to him, "Raymond, don't snitch on me!" ~ And in the second take, you can hear Eóghan grunting and really straining to get that cookie.  A very determined little guy!)

(Sorry I haven't been visiting much, so much insanity going on here, but lots of Blessings too as you can see.)


  1. Lol. Aww so sweet Eileen. Where theres a will, theres a way!

  2. Now that's what I call determination! So cute Eileen.
    Love Di ♥

  3. I'm SO bummed that I couldn't make that video load! But there's enough here to see what sweeties they both are. Guess you can't turn your back on them, huh? Enjoy the sweetness, Elaine. (I enjoyed a LOT of it this past week. Not as much as you everyday, though, I guess.)

  4. Oh I am so disappointed...your video won't come up on my computer. When we get home in a few days I'll try it on our home computer. :(

  5. I am home from Portland now so I was able to watch this video last night....have no idea why it wouldn't work on my laptop. LOVE this. So fun seeing crafty determined little Eoghan. Those features will serve him well all of his life. He's darling, Eileen.