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Friday, August 24, 2012

Okay, This Is Just An Annoyance, Carr's Crackers!

Has anyone else noticed this???

I love these Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers:

But now the company is shorting customers crackers and they don't even have the decency to change the cardboard carton to fit the package inside:

What's up with this??

I don't get why a company wants their customers to feel duped.

Okay, my little rant is over.  Now I'll move on to brighter subjects!
I had my friends Barbara and Jan over the other day, and Barbara had brought her camera along to take some pictures/memories to take along with her when she moves to Delaware this Fall.  So I asked Jayden to take a picture of the three of us and this is what we got at first:
Jayden: "Umma, I think it's too blurry!"
Me:  "Okay, try again."

After much zooming in and zooming out, and refocusing, this is what we got:
(Well, it's better.)

"Give it one more try, Jayden."

Jayden:  "Now it's perfect!"

Well, we beg to differ, but he did get it perfectly focused!  

This past weekend we had the family over and I had to laugh at the boys so engrossed in their hand-held games:

Both the little boys AND the big boys!

Hey!  Baby Ray!  How'd you get under there?!!
Doesn't he look like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar?

Have I mentioned how crazy I am about this little guy?  He's really just the cutest, sweetest little thing!


  1. And they thought no one would notice about the crackers? Crazy.
    I really like this post....everyday life is the best isn't it! Sweet picture of you and your friends. And I know what you mean about the electronics. They are everywhere! But it's kind of nice in a way when we're out because I get to shop while Den keeps busy with his phone.

    Sweet little baby Ray. :) He looks like cousin Mia...do you think so?

  2. For a split second there, I thought Baby Ray was going to have an electronic hand held device in his hand, LOL!!! He's adorable Eileen.
    Jake and I have both noticed how things are being downsized but the price is the same or goes up. I always but the Wal-Mart brand whole wheat crackers, they're very good!
    I loved Jaydens attempts at picture taking! If at first you don't succeed try, try again!
    Love Di ♥